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RDJ Consultants remain committed to Europe - grant funding continues to be available to the UK


About RDJ Consultants

RDJ Consultants are Independent, Freelance Consultants, from across Europe. A broadbased Consultancy Network, drawing upon the skills and experience of a very wide range of Consultants, with more than 14 languages.

About Us

RDJ Consultants specialise in Funding, Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Crowdfunding, Feasibility Studies and Funding Applications.

At RDJ Consultants our teams of consultants deliver the highest quality customer-focused solutions based on their specialist knowledge and expertise.

We are a co-operative network with extensive experience, especially in the fields of Funding Applications, Project Management, Feasibility Studies, Fundraising and Monitoring & Evaluation.

A key element of RDJ Consultants' work over many years has been developing and coordinating effective Public/Private Sector Partnerships for project funding.


RDJ Consultants' network of Consultants have had a better than 95% success rate in securing funding for our clients' projects. The secret of this success is ensuring that the client does not submit an application until all the essential steps have been completed.

Because we also specialise in Project Management and Monitoring & Evaluation, we understand how to develop projects which can be managed, monitored and evaluated effectively. This thorough approach may have contributed to the recent success of one of our projects being awarded the best of the best LIFE Environmental projects - the first UK project ever to do so.

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