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Case Studies

RDJ Consultants has worked with an amazing number of clients for nearly 20 years since our inception, on just as wide a range of projects. We have even won awards for some of them.

Please find below a very small selection of case studies show the range of work that we have undertaken. It is almost a certainty that we will have been involved with a project similar to the one that you are considering undertaking, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Case Study: Funding application delivered to tight deadlines:

RDJ Consultants were commissioned by ngage solutions to work alongside them to develop a successful LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance funding application for Buckinghamshire County Council and their partners.

In close liaison with the client, the funding application was completed in exactly 4 weeks, and delivered effectively on time and within the resources allowed in our quotation. The application was successful in being awarded the funding.

Case Study: Award Winning project:

Mixlance Technical Services had successfully secured €1 million LIFE Environment funding for their project to develop an entirely new and environmentally friendly process for manufacturing asphalt. They received €300,000 (30% of the funding) when they started the project. After the first six months, they submitted their initial progress monitoring report to Brussels, which was rejected - their project was progressing fine, but they didn't understand their monitoring and reporting requirements.

Mixlance contacted RDJ Consultants to see if we could rescue them, by submitting an initial progress monitoring report in an acceptable format, and helping them get back on track regarding project monitoring and reporting. We worked with Mixlance for almost two years, through to the Final Report and Claim. We project managed their Brussels interface, including: Gantt Charts, Organogram, Risk Appraisal etc. as well as developing and managing their website, drawing up their Layman's Report, and other dissemination activities.

This thorough approach may have contributed to the success of their project being awarded the best of the best LIFE Environmental projects - the first UK project ever to do so.

Case Study: From Inception to Completion:

RDJ Consultants won a tender with South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC), to develop a funding application for the UK Broadband Fund.

We were successful in securing £300,000 for the SCDC Broadband Networking project. We worked with SCDC for almost two years: developing and managing their project website, raising awareness and demand, interfacing between the rural community and the Broadband supplier, project monitoring, including Gantt Charts, Risk Appraisal, Organogram etc. and routine reporting and claims.

Case Study: Award Winning project:

Case Study: Transnational partnership project: RDJ Consultants was selected following an exhaustive tendering process with Norfolk County Council (NCC), to develop a funding application for INTERREG Funding.

Once the funding was awarded, we were commissioned to be the Strategic Consultants for the LoG-IN project, a trans-national with partners from Landkreis Rotenburg-Wümme (Germany), Intercommunale Leiedal (Belgium), and Norfolk County Council.


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