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Eco & Green Technologies

Our Experience:

RDJ Consultants is a co-operative network, with extensive experience especially in the fields of Green Technologies: Eco-Innovation: Renewable Energy; and Green Transport. A key element of RDJ Consultants' work over many years has been developing and co-ordinating effective Public/ Private Sector Partnerships for project funding.

Eco and Green Technology


We have had significant experience with Life Sciences and Healthcare clients:

  • Funding Consultant for Abriox

  • Funding Application for Artefact Innovations

  • Funding Consultant for Barn Energy

  • Funding Consultant for British Sugar

  • Funding Consultant for the Crown Estate

  • Scoping Study, Funding Strategy and funding applications for ESTE Europe SàRL

  • Funding Consultant and Project Manager for Mixlance LIFE Project

  • Scoping Study, Funding Strategy and funding applications for Riversimple

  • Funding Application for University of Glamorgan

  • Funding Application for WWF UK and European partners

Funding Opportunities:


At RDJ Consultants, we have details of some of the funding opportunities available for Life Sciences and Healthcare projects at:

  • Energy

  • Green Transport

  • Climate

Project Development: We frequently start working on Project Development with our clients, before developing the project application.

Negotiating contracts: Our services include negotiating H2020 and other R&D contracts for our clients.

Monitoring & Evaluation:


We have significant experience of Monitoring & Evaluation. We can assist with the management and administrative tasks for running grant-funded projects, to leave you free to concentrate on the technical side, including:

  • The monitoring and evaluation of projects to give early warning of any potential problems;

  • Design monitoring and evaluation systems for internal and external project controls;

  • Monitoring of project outcomes: deliverables and milestones to ensure they reach the application outcomes;

  • Drafting Progress Reports to the funders' Monitoring Team criteria and deadlines;

  • Drafting Interim and Final Reports to the funders' Monitoring Team criteria and deadlines


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