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RDJ Consultants remain committed to Europe - grant funding continues to be available to the UK

Healthcare & Lifesciences

Our Experience:

At RDJ Consultants, we have worked on projects with a very wide range of Healthcare and Lifesciences clients, in a variety of areas, including:

There is €934M of 2016-17 EU Funding available for Health, demographic change and well being more.

Innovate UK funding is available for Innovation in SMEs

Life Sciences and Healthcare


We have had significant experience with Life Sciences and Healthcare clients:

  • Research & Development Strategy/ Master Plan for confidential US$ M Life Sciences Innovation company;

  • Funding Consultant for Mental Health International and Lundbeck;

  • Funding Consultant for St Andrews' Healthcare;

  • Supporting INDMATEC and RED MED Technologies to develop a partnership funding application;

  • A proposal for H2020 funding to research 3D printing of skin/tissue for RED MED Technologies;

  • Proposal for H2020 funding to develop medical 3D printers for INDMATEC;

  • A proposal for Horizon 2020 funding for St Luke's Hospital Thessaloniki;

  • Developed a proposal for Horizon 2020 funding for University Hospital Larissa;

  • Developed a proposal for Horizon 2020 funding for Diurnal;

  • A proposal for Advocate Healthcare policy and public affairs;

  • Negotiated with the EC for Lightpoint Medical for their FP7 funding award;

  • External Evaluator for the EEDA Lifesciences and Healthcare Capital Equipment competition

Funding Opportunities:


At RDJ Consultants, we have details of some of the funding opportunities available for Life Sciences and Healthcare projects at:

  • Health

  • Technologies

  • Food

Project Development: We frequently start working on Project Development with our clients, before developing the project application.

Negotiating contracts: Our services include negotiating H2020 and other R&D contracts for our clients.

Monitoring & Evaluation:


We have significant experience of Monitoring & Evaluation. We can assist with the management and administrative tasks for running grant-funded projects, to leave you free to concentrate on the technical side, including:

  • The monitoring and evaluation of projects to give early warning of any potential problems;

  • Design monitoring and evaluation systems for internal and external project controls;

  • Monitoring of project outcomes: deliverables and milestones to ensure they reach the application outcomes;

  • Drafting Progress Reports to the funders' Monitoring Team criteria and deadlines;

  • Drafting Interim and Final Reports to the funders' Monitoring Team criteria and deadlines


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