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RDJ Consultants remain committed to Europe - grant funding continues to be available to the UK

RDJ Consultants are happy to discuss projects working within any industry sector, and have historical experience in most areas, as shown by our range of clients.

We specifically focus upon three main sectors:

We have worked for many clients in each of these sectors: carrying out research; developing strategies; developing clients' projects and funding applications

Innovation with SMEs

At RDJ Consultants, we know that innovating and developing new technologies, products and services is never easy on your own.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in our consultants that we would love to share with you, including evaluation and development of innovation capabilities and skills, knowledge transfer, network and partnership development and management, mentoring, business transformation and process improvement.

There is €78.5M of 2016-17 EU Funding available for Innovation in SMEs. The UK Government also makes Innovate UK funding available for Innovation in SMEs.

Healthcare & Lifesciences

At RDJ Consultants, we have worked on projects with a very wide range of Healthcare and Lifesciences clients, in a variety of areas, including:

  • Research

  • Developing strategies

  • Project development

  • Funding applications

There is €934M of 2016-17 EU Funding available for Health, demographic change and well being.

The UK Government also makes Innovate UK funding available for Health and Life Sciences.

Eco and Green Technologies

RDJ Consultants is a co-operative network, with extensive experience especially in the fields of Green Technologies: Eco-Innovation: Renewable Energy; and Green Transport. A key element of RDJ Consultants' work over many years has been developing and co-ordinating effective Public/ Private Sector Partnerships for project funding.

At RDJ Consultants, we have details of some of the funding opportunities available for Eco and Green Technologies projects at:


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We have four Strategic Teams:


Covering four areas:


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