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Business & Project Support Experience

RDJ Consultants has a large and extremely experienced team of specialist Consultants ready to assist you in planning, managing and measuring your organisation and its projects.

We can also assist in disseminating your successes and developing your organisation.

RDJ Consultants' Business & Project Support Menu

RDJ Consultants, in addition to our core services of Funding, Innovation and Development, offers individualised packages of support for companies and projects.

Clients are able to choose from the following menu of services:

Project Management (more...)

Management of grant-funded projects is a time consuming process, particularly if there are several partners.

RDJ Consultants can assist you with the development of projects to satisfy the relevant programme's rules and regulations including:

Advice can also be provided on the strategic and operational planning of projects.

RDJ Consultants can assist with the management and administrative tasks for running grant funded projects, to leave you free to concentrate on the technical side. Project management is an eligible sub contract in many programmes.

Our range of Business Support services includes:


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